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PMP 9.5.1

PMP Editor's Review

PMP is a performance monitor for remote Windows PCs. It can monitor more than one computer at any time. This software can be used by network administrators who want to monitor a small or medium-size network. CPU, memory, disk and network usage can be monitored using the program's simple interface.

This software package is composed of two parts, a server and a client. The server application must be installed on the computer that gathers the statistical data and does the actual monitoring and alerting. This computer must be configured to allow incoming TCP/IP connections on the port used by the program. The clients, on the other side, must enter the IP address of the server in order to connect to it. The client application can be configured to run as a Windows service or as a simple executable. The trial license of this software only allows a single client to be connected to the server.

The client has a green icon displayed in the system tray while it's started. If you click the icon, you can see the current performance data (the same that's sent to the server). On the server side, you can do the same thing by double-clicking any computer's name from the list of clients.

Pluses: The server application can be used to configure alerts. These alerts can be triggered whenever the CPU, disk, or network usage rises above a certain level. It's also possible to trigger an alert whenever a client disconnects from the server. Notification methods include e-mail, sound, or showing an alert message window. It's also possible to generate HTML reports containing the list of alerts that were previously triggered.

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: PMP is quite simple to use. Although it's not a very powerful utility, the program is stable and its features work great.

version reviewed: 8.3.1

What's Required in Version 9.5.1 of PMP

Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista

What's New in Version 9.5.1 of PMP

Windows 7 compatibility for Admin program.

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